PS Vita CHiP

SONY PlayStation VITA mod-chip.
Install a modchip to play backup copies of PSV games and emulators for PSX, Nintendo 64, SNES, NES, GameBoy Advance.
Other emulator Apps include SEGA Genesis, Game Gear, Dreamcast, Atari and many more classic systems.

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psvita chip


How PSV Hacks, Mods, Custom Firmware work

There are some PSV Mods which are essentially easy to do and easy to configure. Most PS Vita Chips are hardware based while others are software controlled. One of which is through the use of some PSV Modchips. Actually, the standard new system for the Sony PS Vita consists of USB 2.0 ports and 11b WiFI LAN connectors which allow several users to connect through several other PSV devices and connect to other PS Vita Hacks, Mods, Custom Firmware websites. Through the use of the WIFI connection, data and various types of software applications can be downloaded through the net. Since downloading is allowed through WIFI connection, various PSV Custom Firmware and software change can be done within the system. Those PS Vita mod changes should adhere to the version of the PS Vita including the type of device which is running and the PSVita chip used. There are some PSVita Firmware and software change which are based on hardware mechanisms. These hacks are actually based on actually changing the main configuration of the board as found in the mechanics of some PSVita Hacks, Mods, Custom Firmware websites.